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    Did you know that lighting accounts for more than 40% of commercial electricity consumption in the United States? Or that in a commercial building of 50,000 square feet, approximately $45,000 is spent on lighting energy each year? It’s no wonder why more and more companies are turning to XtraLight for innovative solutions for their lighting projects. Solutions that help reduce energy costs AND contribute toward reaching important environmental sustainability goals.

    XtraLight helps companies transform aging and inefficient lighting into state-of-the-art systems that deliver dramatic cost savings. These can then be reallocated to grow core business activities or go right to the bottom line.


    Economic Benefits

    In difficult economic times, businesses must explore any and all means to cut costs and boost efficiency. The good news is that by working closely with XtraLight and our partners to upgrade your existing lighting systems, your business can see dramatic savings—generating positive cashflow from your investment. Don’t continue to waste thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on your electric bill. Lighting projects are the closest thing to a no-brainer:

    • Be more profitable because your energy costs are lower
    • Have more productive employees because they are working in an environment with the proper light levels
    • Save money because you’ll spend less resources attending to lighting maintenance issues

    Make an energy-efficiency lighting upgrade today. XtraLight can guide you step by step so you can lower your energy costs and minimize your environmental impact—all while providing appropriate light levels and improving the quality of your lighting system.


    Learn how PACE Financing can help make your LED lighting upgrade happen with no money down!


    Environmental Benefits

    Retrofitting an old inefficient lighting system with one designed by XtraLight Manufacturing is the fastest way to make an immediate reduction in your carbon footprint.


    Retrofit Benefits

    Retrofitting is the practice of replacing components in the system with counterparts that make it use energy more efficiently. With the economy tightening and stricter environmental regulations on the horizon, it’s smarter than ever to retrofit aging, inefficient lighting systems with innovative XtraLight products and expertise.

    XtraLight will work with you, step by step, to develop a detailed plan for upgrading your lighting system within your budgetary requirements.

    Your business will not only realize dramatic savings in electricity and maintenance, but will also dramatically reduce its carbon footprint—which is at the forefront of business concerns in today’s sustainability-conscious environment.


    School District Benefits

    On average, 56% of an educational institution’s energy expenses go to lighting costs.Now consider this: On average, “green” schools use 33% less energy and save $100,000 per year—enough to hire two new teachers, buy 200 new computers or purchase 5,000 new textbooks.

    With numbers like that, it’s no wonder school districts nationwide are turning to XtraLight Manufacturing to significantly reduce their energy costs and enable investment in students’ futures.Efficient lighting systems from XtraLight are also a natural fit with the environmental commitment of schools at every level.


    Tax Benefits

    In an effort to conserve the nation’s energy resources, in October 2008, President Bush signed the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, which extended the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPACT).

    What is EPACT? It regulates and mandates minimum efficiency regulations, incentives, and research dollars for lamps, ballasts, fixtures, LEDs, transformers, electrical equipment, motors, and appliances.

    How will it affect my business? Energy efficiency is a national concern and EPACT gives market-based incentives and solutions to reduce costs and enhance energy efficiency overall.

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