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    • Grab The Spotlight! | Auto Dealership

      Grabbing the spotlight from your competition has never been easier. An energy-efficient lighting upgrade by XtraLight will deliver more money to your bottom line – with increased customer traffic, decreased lighting costs and improved productivity from your staff. With its 26-year history, XtraLight has the expertise and experience to deliver the right lighting upgrade that ...

    • XtraLight Announces LED Retrofit Kits for Outdoor Site and Area Applications

      HOUSTON, Texas (June 16,2015) – XtraLight is pleased to announce a complete line of area and site lighting LED retrofit solutions. The SRK LED series transforms existing HID luminaires to highly efficient LED models without compromising the aesthetics of the original design. This solution is well suited for applications where the existing luminaire is in ...

    • XtraLight Announces Full Cut-Off Wall Pack

      FCW LED

      HOUSTON, Texas (June 6,2015) – XtraLight announces the addition of a full cut-off wall pack to its LED Wall Pack family. The full cut-off design eliminates light pollution and is perfect for areas designated “restricted lighting zone” by local ordinances. The FCW is available in two sizes: the 50W LED replaces a 175W HID and the ...

    • XtraLight Announces Recessed LED High Bay

      LED High Bay Recessed

      XtraLight Announces Recessed LED High Bay   HOUSTON, Texas (May 13, 2015) – XtraLight is pleased to announce the addition of the LHR LED recessed high bay to its broad family of LED High Bay luminaires. The LHR is designed to be installed into inverted T-bar ceilings with access to the driver from room side or plenum. ...

    • The LHB LED Model 600 – a 65,000 Lumen LED High Bay

      LHB LED Model 600 - a 65,000 Lumen LED High Bay

      XtraLight, the lighting industry’s most responsive manufacturer, introduces the LHB LED Model 600 – a 65,000 lumen LED High Bay, further expanding it’s full line of industry-leading industrial products. Producing 65,000 lumens and an efficacy of 116 lumens per watt, the Model 600 is designed to provide maximum lumens for industrial applications such as aircraft, automotive, ...

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