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  • Food Processing

    Food processing environments require a wide variety of lighting solutions. XtraLight provides a range of lighting solutions that are designed to produce safe, energy efficient light which has undergone testing to ensure performance under extreme conditions. LED luminaires are equipped with LEDLinX technology that delivers industry leading lumens and accurate color rendition.




    Reduce staff incidents and save energy costs with LED Vapor Tight Enclosures, perfect for walk-in refrigeration units, freezers, and meat lockers. These VTE LED luminaires thrive in extreme environments while casting consistent light profiles that ensure easy organization and hazard awareness.

    Wash Down

    Secure optimal lighting solutions that can withstand high pressure water environments with XtraLight Sealed High Bay LED luminaires.

    Production Area

    LED luminaires provide the ideal light coverage and color temperature for a save, efficient, and sanitary production and food prep workspace.

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