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  • ART LED - Architectural Troffer 2x4 Curved Center Lens
    ART LED - Architectural Troffer 2x4 Curved Center LensART LED - Architectural Troffer 2x4 Flat Center Lens

    ART – Architectural LED Recessed Lighting


    The ART is an elegant, specification grade recessed troffer that uses patented LED technology to create soft and consistent illumination. The ART LED is perfectly suited for office spaces, conference rooms, healthcare, education, hospitality, financial institutions, and other commercial spaces.

    Writing the next chapter in the long history of XtraLight’s luminaire design, the ART LED architectural recessed troffer is an epochal representation of finesse and efficiency. The ART’s minimalist presence integrates seamlessly into the overall interior architecture and is the ideal solution for spaces where harsh light reflections need to be a thought of the past. The low-profile housing offers 1×4, 2×2 and 2×4 models that accommodate lumen packages up to 10,000 lumens with significant efficacies to match. No matter which lumen package you specify, you can be guaranteed that you’ll enjoy a pleasant atmosphere from the illuminated back-lit curved lens that prevents glare and eliminates shadows. With your choice of a round, floating curved or floating flat decorative center lens treatment, you can add a stylish touch to the overall appearance.


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