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    Slim High Bay LED | XtraLightSlim High Bay LED | XtraLightSlim High Bay LED | XtraLight

    Slim High Bay LED


    The new Slim High Bay LED (SHB) is an innovative new luminaire that delivers superior lighting performance and reliability for any commercial or industrial application. The Slim High Bay LED generates outstanding light output from a lightweight aluminum low-profile body (1.33″-1.57″ high) and allows for excellent thermal management for rapid heat dissipation. Available in lumen packages that range from 9,000L (72W) to 52,500L (400W), the SHB will offer additional specialized precision optics that are designed to produce a tailored light distribution for optimal visibility in specific applications.

    For those looking for a distinctive aesthetic, smooth clear polycarbonate or smooth frosted acrylic lenses are available as accessories. Suited for suspension mounting with an adjustable cable, the SHB also offers a pendant mounting option. As is standard for all XtraLight LED products, the Slim High Bay will be “controls ready” to work with virtually any network controls or building automation.


    Slim High Bay LED Features:

    • An energy-efficient, scalable LED high bay luminaire with uniform light distribution.
    • Designed to outperform any lighting requirements for retail interiors, warehouses, manufacturing plants, industrial facilities, and any commercial applications.
    • LED provides a significant energy savings over fluorescent and HID, and provides you a substantial savings in your electric bill.
    • Best in class mid-power LEDs with 3000K, 3500K, 4000K and 5000K CCT (min 80 CRI).
    • Aisle (AOS), open area (OOS) and programmable (FSP) sensor options available, factory installed.
    • Emergency battery back-up option available.
    • Operating temperature: max +50°C (122°F) is standard. EM option operating temperature: Max +40°C (104°F)
    • Backed by a 10 year warranty.
    Specification Sheet(s) Photometric-IES File(s) Installation Instructions Literature Product Detail
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