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  • SRK LED Shoe Box, LED square area light retrofit kit, LED lighting fixture
    SRK LED Shoe Box, LED square area light retrofit kit, LED lighting fixture

    Square LED Area Light Retrofit Kit

    SRK LED | Shoe Box Retrofit Kit

    The SRK LED Shoe Box Retrofit Kit seamlessly transforms existing HID luminaires into energy-efficient LED models without compromising the aesthetics of the original design. It’s designed to significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs compared to traditional HID models. The easy-to-install upgrade kit utilizes the existing fixture with little waste while resulting in a more consistent, modern look of today.


    • Reliable, energy-efficient operation.
    • Exceptional light quality with uniform illumination.
    • Customized for a variety of applications and easy-to-install.
    • XtraLight LED retrofit kits are covered by a factory warranty when a functioning sample luminaire is provided for photometric and thermal testing.

    Note: It is strongly recommended that XtraLight be involved in the quoting process as there are several factors that are to be determined when designing the SRK LED Shoe Box Retrofit Kit.

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    • Square or Rectangular Area Light Retrofit
    • Shoe Box Luminaire Retrofit


    • Modular design provides flexibility to quickly save on installation and fixture replacement costs.
    • Utilizes high efficiency LED technology.
    • Internal heat sinks pre-mounted to kit.


    • LED Module – Four (4), Six (6), Eight (8) or Nine (9) LED modules.
    • Driver – 24VDC Class 2, constant current. electronic power supply factory calibrated to LED modules. 0-10V dimming option available.
    • Voltage – 120-277VAC input. 480V option.
    • Wiring – Internal factory wiring and pre-installed LED modules are factory tested to ensure retrofit kit performance and quality.
    • Surge Protection: 10kV/10kA standard.


    • Complies with UL 1598 /CSA 22.2. Suitable for wet locations.

    Specification Sheet(s)

    Because each kit is custom designed specifically for each unique application, please consult factory for more information about the SRK LED.

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