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    Anderson Toyota Lexus | Loves Park, IL

    The Anderson Automotive Group creates an environment that’s visually stunning for their customers while decreasing energy and maintenance costs with the Viento LED area/site luminaire.


    The Opportunity

    Founded in 1970, the Anderson Automotive Group has been doing everything possible to provide its customers with the best products and service in the Rockford and Stateline areas. They understand that the reason you detail a vehicle before parking it out on the lot is the same reason why the lighting is just as important for the customer’s shopping experience. With continual failures of the existing metal halide fixtures becoming more inconvenient and expensive, it was crucial to update their outdoor lighting system to the latest LED lighting technology in order avoid further business interruption.


    XtraLight Automotive Viento Case Study Anderson Before

    XtraLight Automotive Viento Case Study Anderson After

    Our lot has never looked brighter and has more color than our competition. That in itself makes the project well worth the investment! When you factor in the energy savings and the total ROI, it made the lighting project an absolute no-brainer!

    Rick Stout | General Manager | Anderson Toyota Lexus

    The Solution

    Administration at Anderson Toyota Group looked to Thayer Lighting, a successful local lighting business to get an assessment of their current system and how to best go about upgrading to LED technology. In turn, they partnered with their local manufacturer’s rep Vertical Lighting + Controls, who has been very successful in the Chicago area helping businesses make the transition to outdoor LED lighting. Working all together, the team would create a solution that would feature the Viento area/site luminaire to not only boost the light levels on the lot but also reduce the high maintenance costs associated with replacing lamps and ballasts that burned out too quickly. The entire installation consisted of replacing (116) 341W ceramic metal halide area lights with only (83) 300W Viento large models. The Viento was specifically chosen for its ability to provide exceptional illumination and they’re virtually maintenance free. Best of all, XtraLight products are backed by an industry leading 10 year warranty. By utilizing the proprietary optics and mounting accessories, this would dramatically improve the curb appeal of the lot and focus the light when and where it’s needed the most.

     XtraLight Automotive Viento Case Study Anderson Compare



    The results of the installation were immediate and quite apparent. The dealership now appears brighter and is highly visible from the main road, like an oasis in the night. Aside from their annual energy consumption being reduced by 32%, the cost-effective solution to their ongoing maintenance nightmare was a huge relief to the dealership. Overall there will be a combined energy and maintenance savings of $15,500 with an additional secured utility rebate of $6,000. Not only are administrators pleased with the reduced operating costs, they are receiving adulation from visitors and employees about the new lighting.


    XtraLight Automotive Viento Case Study Anderson After 02

    The Viento LED area/site luminaire from XtraLight not only brightens up the lot at Anderson Toyota Lexus but also the dealership’s bottom line thanks to decreased energy and maintenance costs.


    Download Case Study Here: Auto_Anderson_Toyota_Lexus.pdf (1.8 MB)

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