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  • Benefits of Leasing

    XtraLight leasing programs offer yet another way to minimize cost and maximize efficiency. If your capital project budgets have been slashed, you need to consider XtraLight. Leasing is a time-tested and proven part of financing asset acquisition. Nine in ten American businesses finance what some estimate to be about 60% of all equipment transactions via leasing transactions.

    Here are just a few of the powerful advantages afforded by an XtraLight lease agreement:

    • Conserve Cash
    • Pay with Future Revenues
    • Pay with Future Revenues
    • Avoid Obsolescence
    • Bundle Equipment and Installation
    • Manage Technology
    • Use Existing Operating Budgets
    • Off-Balance Sheet Financing
    • Tax Benefits
    • Compliant Lease Documents
    • Asset Management

    With some project paybacks as short as 12 months, it doesn’t make sense to delay implementing your relighting project. It’s simple to structure a project that creates positive cash flow from day one.

    Consult your tax advisor regarding specific IRS accounting rules and regulations

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