sbi hot springs

SBI – Hot Springs Arkansas | Industrial

SBI – Hot Springs Arkansas Converted all of the clients 400 watt Metal Halide fixtures to 195 Watt LED Fixtures. Going with the 195 watt LED fixture we were able to increase the foot candles from 18 foot candles to 55 Foot candles. ROI of product 5.50 Years Energy and Maintenance Savings $12,220 Total Rebate…

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Design Mode Cabinetry

Design Mode Cabinetry | Industrial

Design Mode Cabinetry Customer was renovating an old warehouse into a production and inspection area. Needed to layout an entirely new led lighting system to transform the area into precision manufacturing and inspection area. We were still able to get some energy savings for the customer and increased lighting levels 85 percent ROI of product…

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jernberg industries

Jernberg Industries | Industrial

Jernberg Industries Jernberg Industries produces heavy forged products for clients in the United States. Its manufacturing processes present several challenges to traditional lighting solutions. XtraLight was able to do a full turnkey lighting project resulting in permanent energy reductions to operations and saving over $250k annually. ROI of product 1.2 Years Energy and Maintenance Savings…

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tile manufacturers in dallas tx

Dallas Tile Manufacturer | Industrial

Dallas Tile Manufacturer Xtra Light was selected to retrofit (1,120) fluorescent high bays to (1,120) 100 watt LED high bays. Project was designed by the Xtra Light engineering team to give the client 15-20 foot candles in the aisles per their request. Project was completed in 3 weeks working around a 24/7 operation. ROI of…

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led light for pharmaceutical

Large Pharmaceutical in NC | Industrial

Large Pharmaceutical in NC Did a complete retrofit of all the lighting in the entire facility including production, warehouse, offices, and exterior. Replaced HID and Fluorescentwith Led fixtures, kits, and tubes to give the customer the best lighting solution for each area. Customer not only received great energy savings , wealso increased light levels by…

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kaba ilco

Kaba Ilco | Industrial

Kaba Ilco Replaced 800 4LT5 Highbay fixtures with Led Highbays to get customer very good energy savings. In addition customer needed more light in 2 areas and we did a redesign for them and met their light level goals and reduced some energy . We also retrofitted all of the offices with low wattage led…

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southern container

Southern Container | Industrial

Southern Container | Houston, TX XtraLight LED lighting upgrades helps improve Southern Container’s production facility by increasing visibility, reducing maintenance costs, and achieving greater energy savings. The Opportunity Southern Container, located in Houston, Texas, has been an innovative manufacturer of custom packaging solutions for decades. Over those years, they’ve helped hundreds of companies market their…

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McRae Industries

McRae Industries | Industrial

McRae Industries | Mt. Gilead, NC Industries, a company that has been designing and manufacturing footwear products for more than 50 years, lowered energy and maintenance costs by $19,594 per year by installing XtraLight LED products. New light levels significantly contribute to a safer, more productive work environment. LED Retrofit Cover Kits and LED Retrofit…

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sugar land sports complex after LED Installation

Sugar Land Sports Complex | Industrial

The Sugar Land Ice & Sports Center is one of the premier facilities in the southwest for ice skating, hockey, figure skating and private parties. Located just minutes from Downtown Houston, its facilities are home to the AHL Calder Cup Champion Houston Aeros Hockey team, as well as numerous other oraganizations, leagues and clubs. For this reason, they operate year round, excluding Thanksgiving and Christmas days. With multiple rinks being used nearly 19 hours a day, the cost for lighting the facilites was a large portion of their monthly bills.

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O’Neal Steel

O’Neal Steel | Industrial

Based in Birmingham, Alabama, O’Neal Steel (“The Metals Company”) is the nation’s largest privately owned full-line metal service center firm. The company processes and adds value to steel, aluminum, and alloy for use in heavy industry, including over-the-road trucks, forklifts, railroad cars, cranes, and more. With origins as a humble fabrication house begun in 1921, O’Neal Steel today boasts more than 82 facilities and offices in the United States, the U.K., Canada, and six other countries.

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