par mar stores

Par Mar Stores | Retail

Par Mar Stores Retrofiited over 75 stores . Customer wanted energy savings but better light levels inside and outside the stores for customers and better safety and security We retrofitted the interior , including cooler cases as well as the complete exterior including all gas station canopies.. We achieved all 3 goals for the customer…

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sparr building and farm supply

Sparr Farm & Building Supply | Retail

Sparr Farm & Building Supply Project included 2 Farm Supply Stores, retrofitted 450 – fluorescent Sales Floor and Office fixtures converted from T8 fluorescent lamps to 12-Watt LED tubes resulting on 70% energy savings and 30% light level increase, Also replaced 60 HID fixtures to new LED high bays, achieved 80% energy savings, light levels…

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supermarket led lighting

Large Regional Supermarket | Retail

Large Regional Supermarket One of the premier regional sources for fresh produce, our client engaged XtraLight to help them improve the safety and health of their customers before they even step foot in their welcoming stores. Multiple locations required updated exterior lighting and the use of high performing Viento light fixtures brought the performance required…

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Mid Atlantic Regional Supermarket Chain

Mid Atlantic Regional Supermarket Chain | Retail

Mid Atlantic Regional Supermarket Chain Have done a handful of stores for this client , have increased light levels and maximized energy savings for the client. Stores look excellent and have also helped with safety. ROI of product 1.98 Years Energy and Maintenance Savings $40,000 Total Rebate $0.00

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Hedwig Village Shopping Center

Hedwig Village Shopping Center | Retail

Hedwig Village Shopping Center | Houston, TX Project Highlights Total annual energy and maintenance savings is $46,505 per year. Energy rebate is $25,000. Customer payback period is 1.37 years. The Opportunity When sustainability and lowering energy costs became a real focus for a commercial real estate company, they partnered with XtraLight to help convert the legacy outdoor…

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meyerland Plaza

Meyerland Plaza | Retail

Meyerland Plaza | Houston, Texas A commercial real estate assets manager lowered energy and maintenance costs by $59,268 per year by installing XtraLight Viento High Output Site & Area Light luminaires at Meyerland Plaza. New Light levels significantly contribute to a more comfortable and productive environment. Viento Site & Area luminaries eliminated the large quantity of…

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