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    XtraLight Announces Additional Product Focus on LED Lighting for Data Centers

    XtraLight Manufacturing, a leader in commercial LED light fixtures, has recently initiated an additional focus on data center LED lighting. This comes after research has found that data centers can reduce energy consumption by up to 40% just by applying best management energy-efficiency measures and strategies. More specifically, data centers can improve their power usage effectiveness (PUE) by up to […]

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    LFL LED Flood light

    LFL LED Flood Lights Now With Higher Lumens and Efficacy

    XtraLight announces increased lumen output and energy efficiency of its commercial-grade LFL LED flood light product line. Depending on the model, performance improvements include up to 22% additional lumens and a 28% increase in energy efficiency. As LED technology improves, XtraLight is committed to offering the most advanced lighting solutions available. The table below compares […]

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