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Crest Cadillac | Nashville, TN

Crest Cadillac® upgrades to XtraLight™ LED lighting to showcase their inventory of beautiful new vehicles in a new light like never before. The owner not only enjoys reduced energy and maintenance savings, but they gave their customers an enjoyable first impression.

The Opportunity

For Sonic Automotive, new owners of Crest Cadillac® in Nashville, installing new LED lighting was far more important than just saving on energy and eliminating maintenance. Their priority was replacing the outdated metal halide fixtures located around the lot and building facades. They knew what many other automotive dealerships know: the car buying process is an emotional experience that can be sparked by visual stimulation. By upgrading the outdoor lighting to the latest LED technology, the dealership would look dramatically better with superior light output, improved color quality and draw attention to the products they sell.

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The vehicle inventory on the lot of Crest Cadillac® shine in a brand new light with XtraLight’s outdoor LED lighting solutions. The Viento Area/Site LED light creates a visually stunning first impression for customers.

The Solution

Working in collaboratively with XtraLight’s lighting experts, Sonic Automotive examined the benefits of upgrading the bulk of exterior lighting to the Viento Area & Site LED luminaire to improve the light quality all while capturing significant energy savings in the process. Over the course of the entire installation, 1000W metal halide pole lights were replaced with (121) 200W Viento Medium area lights, 400W metal halide wall packs were replaced with (9) 72W LED commercial wall packs and the 400W metal halide flood lights were replaced with (2) 68W LED flood lights. The Viento Area & Site luminaire was chosen specifically for its ability to leverage the optical and thermal characteristics unique to LED technology and its exceptional illumination performance. Because site and area lighting is often the largest expense for automotive dealerships, the Viento luminaire drastically reduces the wattage required to light the lots at the same time eliminating the need for maintenance. All of the XtraLight LED products utilized in the solution are backed by their industry leading 10 year warranty and were manufactured in Houston, Texas.

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Poor light quality from the old technology prevented exterior areas from looking their best. With XtraLight LED lighting solutions, true colors and finishes were no longer compromised and work areas were better lit.

viento area site luminaire

BenefitsThe investment in XtraLight LED lighting solutions is netting a substantial payback in energy and maintenance savings, as well as accomplishing the performance and efficiency goals. By making the change to the Viento Area & Site luminaire, the auto dealership’s main objective - to better illuminate the display vehicles in the best light possible - was met exceedingly. In addition to the lighting improvement, the dealership’s annual energy consumption was reduced by 80% and the new lighting system will be paid for with those exact savings in just over a year and a half. Overall, the combined annual energy and maintenance savings totaled $60,112. Sonic Automotive now enjoys the way that XtraLight LED lighting provides appropriate illumination on the vehicles so that they can be appreciated for their true vibrancy. The real payback is the positive feedback that comes from the customers about the new LED lighting as they walk the sales lots.

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