Hedwig Village Shopping Center | Retail

Hedwig Village Shopping Center

Hedwig Village Shopping Center | Houston, TX

Hedwig Village Shopping Center LEDs

Project Highlights

  • Total annual energy and maintenance savings is $46,505 per year.
  • Energy rebate is $25,000.
  • Customer payback period is 1.37 years.

The Opportunity

When sustainability and lowering energy costs became a real focus for a commercial real estate company, they partnered with XtraLight to help convert the legacy outdoor lighting in this retail shopping center to LED lighting. The company was more than ready to replace the old luminaires with a new, more energy-efficient technology considering the rising costs of frequent lamp replacements and higher energy costs from poor performing metal halide fixtures.

Our Solution

After XtraLight performed a free energy-efficiency lighting audit of the property, they set out to design the shopping center’s LED lighting system utilizing the existing pole and pole locations. The parking lot was outfitted with 60 Viento High Output Area & Site LED luminaires to replace 77 metal halide luminaires. The building facades were also updated to replace 45 metal halide wall packs with 16 new LED wall packs, 29 LED slim wall packs and 8” LED can lighting. This higher efficacy luminaire solution provides more precise target illumination all over the property compared to the existing metal halide solution previously installed.

The Benefits

XtraLight’s LED solution had tremendous operating advantages over the existing lighting, providing a short payback in 1.37 years. The Viento luminaires on average will save up to 76% in energy consumption, provide better color rendering and minimizes lumen depreciation. The LED wall pack luminaires provided up to 80% energy savings while delivering outstanding photometric performance and reducing glare. Both the LED Wall Packs and Viento luminaires are backed by XtraLight’s industry-leading 10 year limited warranty.In addition to their cost savings, the company has created a positive impact on the environment. By partnering with XtraLight, this lighting project immediately reduced electrical consumption, which reduces annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 484,940 lbs., sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions by 1,903 lbs., and nitrogen oxide (NO2) emissions by 934 lbs. This spares an equivalent of 226,607 lbs. of coal burned annually to make electricity and either 60 equivalent acres of forest added or 42 cars equivalent removed from the road.

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