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    LED technology delivers high-quality lighting with significant energy savings, especially when paired with lighting controls. One of the biggest benefits of LED lighting is the ability to completely control the light when and where you need it the most. Indoor and outdoor lighting controls,  allow an effective management of multiple applications. Whether it is a single office, an entire commercial building, or the parking lot lights, lighting controls help achieve energy savings, promote productivity, and allow you to gain valuable understanding of your facility operations.

    Whether you’re looking for network lighting controls or individual stand-alone lighting controls, XtraLight has an effective solution for you. Over the years XtraLight has partnered with some of the largest lighting control manufacturers to seamlessly integrate them into our fixtures during the manufacturing process. Because of the potential energy savings, maintenance savings and the ability to integrate with other building systems, you really can't afford to not look at what options you could be taking advantage of with new LED lighting paired with lighting controls.

    Lighting Control Strategies

    XtraLight LED Lighting Controls Office

    The days of people having to wander around buildings to shut off unused lights are coming to an end, now that more LED lighting is becoming interconnected over vast distances with intelligent lighting controls. When lighting controls are effectively paired with LED lighting, they can give you the strategies you are looking for to provide an effective ROI.

    Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing
    Utilizes motion detection to adjust lighting based on the occupancy of an area.
    Daylight Harvesting
    Dims light levels when daylight is available to light any given space.
    Astronomical Time Clock Scheduling
    Provides pre-programmed changes in a fixture’s light levels based on the date and time of day.
    Demand Response
    Automatically reduces lighting loads during peak electricity usage times.
    Plug Load Control
    Automatically turns off loads after occupants leave a space.
    High-End Trim/Tuning
    Can set the maximum light level based on mandated requirements for a particular space or environment.
    Personal Dimming Control
    Gives occupants the ability to adjust the light output to their comfort level.
    Building Management Systems (BMS)
    Allows LED lighting to be integrated and controlled along with heating, ventilation and HVAC systems through certain protocols.
    Energy Monitoring Platforms
    Helps identify energy usage in a building and help drive conservation efforts for more cost savings.

    Code Compliance

    Lighting control systems, when paired with XtraLight LED lighting, can help properties meet even the most stringent energy codes in the country. Why are energy codes important? Energy codes are minimum requirements for energy-efficient design and construction that are focused on global benefits such as reducing overall energy consumption, increasing cost savings and reducing harmful effects on the environment. Learning to incorporate lighting controls into the lighting design can meet technical requirements, deliver incentives back to the end-user and provide human-centric lighting.

    Lighting Controls

    Here are a few codes, regulations and designations that have become more relevant across the United States:

    Title 24 - California
    The California Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards are designed to ensure new and existing buildings achieve energy efficiency and preserve outdoor and indoor environmental quality.

    International Energy Conservation Code®
    Most state energy codes are based upon the IECC with amendments. This comprehensive energy conservation code establishes minimum regulations for energy-efficient buildings using prescriptive and performance-related provisions.

    State & Local Codes
    State and local energy codes will save U.S. business owners an estimated $126 billion and 841 million metric tons of avoided carbon dioxide emissions through 2040. Some examples are California Title 24 and New York City Energy Conservation Code (NYCECC).

    ASHRAE 90.1
    International standard that provides minimum requirements for energy efficient designs for buildings except low-rise residential buildings. This standard mandates scheduled control of lighting in garages, parking lots, building facades and landscape lighting with specific light levels and schedules.

    U.S. Green Building Council - LEED Certification
    A rating system devised to evaluate the environmental performance of a building and encourage market transformation towards sustainable design.

    DesignLights Consortium (DLC)
    Promotes energy-efficient lighting products in collaboration with utilities and energy efficiency program members, manufacturers, lighting designers, and federal, state and local entities.

    Lighting Control Partners

    XtraLight is partnered with trusted lighting controls platforms to help offer a portfolio of options that can solve the most difficult layout challenges and applications. Because XtraLight LED fixtures are “controls agnostic”, any brand of controls can be specified at the time of the order and integrated during the manufacturing process to compliment your lighting application. Read more about some of our lighting controls partners below:


    wattstopper legrand logo

    The Wattstopper product line offers the most comprehensive line of simple, scalable and flexible energy-efficient lighting controls and solutions for commercial applications. These controls are easily installed by XtraLight at the factory when manufacturing LED products. Not only will they save customers energy and meet green initiatives, they comply with energy codes across the board.

    Indoor Occupancy Sensors

    Outdoor Photo/Motion Sensors

    The photo/motion sensor mounts in an outdoor lighting fixture and provides multi-level control based on motion and/or daylight contribution. It controls 0-10 VDC LED drivers and with a specific lens, is rated for wet and cold locations. All control parameters are adjustable via a wireless configuration tool capable of storing and transmitting sensor profiles.


    Lutron Logo

    Lutron is a global leader in LED lighting control. With more than 55 years of experience, Lutron offers solutions for nearly any commercial installation, including wired and wireless control options. As a premier OEM Advantage partner, XtraLight can incorporate a wide range of Lutron enabled fixtures that feature high-performance dimming with EcoSystem LED drivers or ultra-reliable wireless with Vive fixture controls. With a flexible infrastructure that integrates effortlessly with XtraLight lighting products, you can easily meet the changing needs of any commercial, industrial or manufacturing facility.

    Integrated LED Drivers

    Experience incandescent-like dimming with Soft-on, Fade-to-Black technology that is offered in most new models. Lutron LED drivers, which are available in XtraLight fixtures, offer the flexibility of zone-control with 2-wire or 3-wire dimmers or individually addressable fixtures with EcoSystem digital control.

    Wireless Fixture Controls

    With multiple sensor options, you can easily add wireless communication, with or without sensing, into any XtraLight fixture. Vive Integrated fixture control allows you to enable any fixture to have wireless communication and sensing when needed. With multiple sensor options, you can easily add wireless communication with or without sensing into any fixture. With integrated control, your fixtures now provide added benefits to any design for any job.

    XtraLight Fixtures With Lutron (Wired)

    XtraLight Fixtures With Lutron (Wireless)


    Enlighted offers the most advanced lighting control system on the market. Enlighted’s sensors create dense networks, providing information about what’s happening in spaces at any point in time. Intelligence and connectivity can enable an entirely new set of monitoring, control, optimization and autonomy. Thanks to its wireless sensor platform, the technology is digital and scalable for unlocking the IoT for commercial real estate. Enlighted partners with XtraLight to offer its customers integrated luminaire solutions for the deployment of a connected lighting strategy.

    Digital Smart Sensors

    At the heart of Enlighted’s IoT solution sits the patented, software-defined smart sensor that collects and monitors real-time occupancy, light levels, temperatures, and energy usage. These sensors can distinguish between people and objects, customize controls for specific tasks, leverage ambient light levels and much more. Enlighted sensors are deployed with LED lighting, one sensor per light fixture, with a typical coverage area of 100 sq. ft. per sensor. Also equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) technology, the sensor can collect data from other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Overall, this makes for a very granular and rich data collection. Because the sensors are attached to the lighting, they are always powered and ubiquitous throughout the building.


    Leviton provides wireless control solutions for commercial and architectural applications throughout North America and the United Kingdom. With more than 110 years of electrical experience, superior customer service and a strong commitment to quality, Leviton is dedicated to developing long-lasting relationships and support you can count on.

    Indoor Occupancy Sensors

    Leviton offers a wide selection of occupancy sensors and vacancy sensors, commonly referred to as “motion sensors” or “motion light sensors” for commercial and residential applications. These state-of-the-art devices use passive infrared, ultrasonic or a combined multi-sensing technology for sensing occupancy or vacancy. Leviton motion sensors enhance convenience, security and provide smart energy saving solutions for both indoor and outdoor use. Leviton Occupancy Sensors and Vacancy Sensors can be used to comply with IECC, ASHRAE 90.1, 2016 Title 24, Part 6 occupancy and/or vacancy sensing requirements.


    Sensus helps the world’s public service providers—from utilities, to cities, to industrial complexes and campuses—do more with their infrastructure to improve the quality of life in their communities. By aligning people, processes, and products, they are making a real difference in the world. A smart city not only requires the ability to support a variety of sensors and the data they collect but also offers solutions for constituent needs. To provide a foundation for that support, Senus offers solutions that are safer, smarter and more efficient.

    Smart Lighting Solutions

    Sensus intelligent solutions uses control modules, software and communication networks to give greater control and automation of lighting. Provide better lighting in more places with easy, flexible installation that requires minimal training. Hosted software and a plug-and-play module get things up and running quickly. See the operational status of lights at a glance and deploy only where needed to reduce truck rolls. And with the VantagePoint software, asset management has never been easier. Plus you can proactively predict power outages and streetlight replacement needs for improved field efficiency. Turn on, flash and dim lights to instantly assist citizens and first responders. Bottom line: A better experience and a greater sense of security.


    As the leading producer of accurate, reliable, and innovative lighting control products, Sunrise Technologies is the proud parent company of a well-respected family of brands. They are the major supplier of outdoor lighting controls and accessories including products used in Wireless Communication Systems, Investor Owned Utilities (IOUs), and Municipal governments in the USA and around the world since the mid-1990s.

    Outdoor Lighting Controls

    Sunrise technologies offers unique product lines that cover an array of lighting control needs. With a bevy of reliable lighting controls for the utility, commercial, industrial and OEM markets, they are recognized as a trusted partner for their reliability and performance.

    Standalone Controls

    XtraLight LED lighting control solutions enable facility owners and managers to oversee multiple environments, from a single office to an entire warehouse or parking lot. Our standalone lighting control solutions enable users to achieve energy savings and attain quality lighting for occupants without investing in a larger scale controls platform or system. XtraLight integrates the LED lighting control technology through its OEM partnerships during the manufacturing process, providing some of the most advanced luminaires in the market. Through our extensive supplier network, XtraLight has access to some of the most advanced lighting technology available for any application. Because XtraLight LED lighting solutions are “controls agnostic”, there is no issue integrating any controls available, especially the ones specified for a particular project. For specific questions regarding standalone controls, contact us for more information.

    Outdoor Standalone Controls

    Programmable Passive Infrared (PIR) Outdoor Sensor
    This sensor mounts in an outdoor lighting fixture and provides multi-level control based on motion and/or daylight contribution. It controls 0-10 VDC LED drivers and with a different lens is rated for wet and cold locations. All control parameters are adjustable via a wireless configuration tool capable of storing and transmitting sensor profiles.

    Button Style Photocell
    The outdoor photocell control senses ambient light conditions and automatically adjusts light levels from dusk to dawn. The photocell button can be integrated with outdoor fixtures that are utilized in parking lot lighting, decorative/area lighting or any type of security lighting. It also features instant turn-on and standard 5-10 second turn-off time delay. Unlike the PIR sensor, it doesn't control light levels based on motion.

    Twistlock Photocontrol Dimming Accessory
    The twistlock photocontrol dimming accessory is a field adjustable control solution for outdoor fixtures that doesn't require an existing network. It can be set to dim to multiple light levels based on a schedule or for all-night dimming. The priority algorithm adjusts for seasons as well as daylight savings time changes. This control accessory offers robust surge protection and can be installed at the time of manufacturing or out in the field.

    Indoor Standalone Controls

    High/Low Bay Passive Infrared (PIR) Indoor Occupancy Sensor
    The High Bay Passive Infrared (PIR) Occupancy Sensors provide automatic control of individual LED lighting fixtures in warehouses and other indoor high and low bay spaces. A hold-off daylighting feature keeps lighting off when the ambient light level is above the selected threshold. Time delay and light level settings can be adjusted via function-specific trimpots. The sensor can also be adjusted remotely using a wireless configuration tool.

    High/Low Bay Passive Infrared (PIR) Indoor Aisle Occupancy Sensor
    The High Bay Passive Infrared (PIR) Occupancy Sensors provide automatic control of individual LED lighting fixtures in warehouses and other indoor high and low bay spaces. The snap-on lens accessory is masked specifically for aisleway applications. A hold-off daylighting feature keeps lighting off when the ambient light level is above the selected threshold. Time delay and light level settings can be adjusted via function-specific trimpots. The sensor can also be adjusted remotely using a wireless configuration tool.

    Ultrasonic Occupancy Sensor With Multi-Level Dimming
    The Ultrasonic Occupancy Sensor utilizes high frequency (40kHz) ultrasonic technology to sense motion within a space and automatically turn lights on even when the sensor has no direct line of sight to occupants. After the area is vacated and the time delay has elapsed, the sensors automatically turn the lights off. Utrasonic detection operates by transmitting sound waves throughout an area and measuring the speed at which they return. Movement increases the return frequency, which triggers occupancy. This sensor can also provide bi-level lighting control, resulting in a significant energy savings for fixtures that are on 24-hours a day, seven days a week, while still providing enough light for safety requirements. This technology is most utilized for stairwells, corridors, parking garages, and other hard surfaced areas.

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