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Mac Haik Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram LEDs

Project Highlights

  • Annual energy savings is $22,105 per year.
  • Maintenance savings is $9,884 per year.
  • Energy rebate is $26,290.
  • Customer payback period is 2.59 years.

The Opportunity

When it was time for a renovation at one of the premier dealerships in the Houston area, the company’s management  turned to XtraLight to help convert the legacy lighting to an energy-efficient LED lighting solution. XtraLight replaced outdated metal halide and T12 recessed parabolic fixtures dramatically reducing energy costs and ongoing maintenance. More importantly, the project doubled lighting levels presenting their cars in the best possible light.

Our Solution

After an on-site audit, it was determined that the Viento luminaire would be the best solution for the parking lot application. The Viento luminaire sets the stage for the next generation in illumination performance for site and area lighting applications. Masterfully engineered, the Viento was designed specifically to leverage the optical and thermal characteristics unique to LED technology. For the interior showroom and office spaces, the  Architectural Conical Recessed (ACR) troffer was be a perfect fit. The ACR is a low profile, recessed luminaire that provides the advantage of easily transitioning to LED in an attractive architectural appearance.

The Benefits

The LED solution had tremendous operating advantages over the existing lighting, providing a simple payback in 2.59 years. The Viento luminaires save 71% in energy consumption, provides better color rendering and minimizes lumen depreciation. The ACR provided energy savings up to 70% while delivering outstanding photometric performance and reducing glare. Both the ACR and Viento fixtures are back by XtraLight’s industry-leading 10 year limited warranty.
In addition to their cost savings, the company has created a positive impact on the environment. By partnering with XtraLight, this lighting project immediately reduced electrical consumption, which reduces annual carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 400,483 lbs., sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions by 1,572 lbs., and nitrogen oxide (NO2) emissions by 772 lbs. This spares an equivalent of 187,141 lbs. of coal burned annually to make electricity and either 50 equivalent acres of forest added or 35 cars equivalent removed from the road.

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