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    After years of experience and hundreds of school installations, XtraLight is an expert at developing lighting solutions for educational facilities that meet energy and performance demands. All XtraLight LED luminaires are backed with a 10-year limited warranty and provide accurate color rendition and lumen output. Reduce school maintenance fees and energy costs while producing high-quality light that fosters a positive learning environment using the latest in LED technology.




    Parking lot safety starts with light. Keep your students, parents, faculty, and guests safe with clean consistent light with XtraLight Viento LED Light Luminaires.


    Illuminate your educational facility with the smartest lighting technology available. XtraLight Canopy LED luminaires cut energy costs, improve light quality, and come with a 10 year warranty.


    Improve student/teacher alertness with optimized light color and coverage from LED technology. XtraLight lighting solutions provide fixtures that save energy cost and create a positive learning environment.


    Keep hallways and corridors safe and accessible with low profile Recessed LED Troffer fixtures. These luminaires offer ideal color temperature and coverage along with reduced energy consumption.


    The longer life of LED luminaries require significantly less maintenance and replacements ideal for gymnasiums and high ceiling areas.


    Combine occupancy/vacancy sensing with LED technology in spaces such as cafeterias for up to 70% energy savings.

    Locker Room

    Prevent accidental slips in locker rooms with consistent light quality through XtraLight's Vapor Tight Linear LED system. These LED systems reduce energy costs and provide superior light coverage over fluorescent lights.


    Create safe and secure stairways by opting for LED luminaires. These fixtures have the most complete light coverage on the market with longer life and a reduced energy demand.

    Security / Landscape

    Turn night into day with LED flood light luminaires. For a secure campus, lighting is paramount to preventing criminal activities. LED flood lights produce the brightest light coverage on the market while still being the most cost effective.


    Enjoy the benefits of LED lighting at your school without an expensive overhaul of your existing system. XtraLight can retrofit your existing Recessed light fixture with LED technology.


    Create the ideal learning environment with light temperature, coverage and design for your library. LED technology allows for a consistent light coverage area that creates the necessary light temperature for focus and learning.

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