Our custom made to order LED products are backed by decades of experience and can exceed your expectations, whether for refrigeration areas or wash-down rooms, XtraLight can handle your food processing lighting needs.

Food Processing Applications

Below are a few products we recommend for each application within this market.

food processing lighting


Reduce staff incidents and save energy costs with LED Vapor Tight Enclosures, perfect for walk-in refrigeration units, freezers, and meat lockers. These VTE LED luminaires thrive in extreme environments while casting consistent light profiles that ensure easy organization and hazard awareness.
wash down led lights

Wash Down

Optimal lighting solutions that need to exceed the harsh demands of food processing environments and related areas. Luminaires can withstand high pressure wash down environments thanks to IP67 rated sealed optics and are compliant to NSF standards.
led lighting for food production area

Production Area

LED luminaires provide the ideal light coverage and color temperature for a save, efficient, and sanitary production and food prep workspace.
food processing led lighting

General Lighting

A highly efficient, corrosion free LED luminaire that's ideal for multiple applications with wash down ratings. This versatile food processing LED luminaire is designed to be weather resistant and is manufactured from NSF listed components and enclosure.
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