Save energy costs and improve employee performance by fitting your manufacturing space with clean optimized LED lighting solutions from XtraLight.

Industrial & Manufacturing Applications

Below are a few products we recommend for each application within this market.

industrial led lighting manufacturers

Production Area

Provide optimal illumination while saving energy consumption for your production areas with LED technology created specifically for your industrial application.
industrial high bay led light fixtures

High Ceiling

Illuminate your large industrial spaces with high quality light that promotes productivity with staff and saves money from your energy bill with our High Bay LED luminaires.
warehouse led lights

Low Ceiling

Create productive work environments with low incidents and energy saving with lighting solutions featuring LED technology. Our Low Bay pendant tower luminaires offer high lumen output with substantial energy savings.
aisle lights

Aisle Lighting

Read labels accurately and organize your warehouse easily with our Slim High Bay with aisle optics. These lighting solutions have a 10 year warranty and high lumen output.
exterior industrial led lighting


Illuminate your facility with energy efficient and low maintenance luminaires with LED technology. Our Wall Pack luminaire can reduce energy costs significantly while improving overall light quality.
office lighting fixtures


Take good care of your employees by ensuring a well-lit parking area with our LED lighting solutions. Improved light coverage, quality and life span contribute to a safer parking experience.
security led light


Turn night into day with LED flood light luminaires. For a secure area, lighting is paramount to preventing criminal activities. LED flood lights produce the brightest light coverage on the market while still being the most cost effective.
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