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    The modern workplace strives to increase productivity, employee wellbeing, safety, and sustainability while keeping overhead low. XtraLight LED luminaires offer solutions to satisfy these workplace needs for virtually all office areas including corridors, open and private offices, restrooms, stairwells, and cafeterias. Our fixtures deliver optimal lumen output, color rendition and energy savings with a 10-year limited warranty.




    Increase the safety and security of your parking lot for you employees with high efficiency LED luminaires.


    Light up your campus exterior with ideal light color and even light distribution through energy efficient LED luminaires in a low profile fixture from XtraLight.

    Office Space

    Highly efficient low maintenance LED recessed light fixtures are ideal for office spaces and meeting rooms. Producing ideal light frequencies and consistent light coverage promotes a pleasant work environment.


    Hallways are the highway system of your corporate campus. Keep yours well maintained and safe with efficient consistent light coverage from recessed LED fixtures.

    Security / Landscape

    Ensure your office space is secure through the night with LED flood light options from XtraLight. With a range of sizes, these flood light luminaires are powerful, cost effective, and come with a 10 warranty.

    Recessed Retrofit

    Replace your organizations current recessed lighting systems with LED retrofit kits from Xtralight. Take advantage of LED energy saving technology while providing better light quality for your employees and guests.


    Public safety is a high priority for parking garages and lighting plays an important role in preventing incidents. Our LED stairwell luminaire supplies even light distribution with less dark spots and bulb changes than fluorescent light fixtures.


    Create a well-lit inviting parking experience for your guests with energy efficient LED lighting solutions that require less maintenance saving your time and money.

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