With our broad product portfolio and custom design capabilities, XtraLight offers unique lighting solutions to provide safe, inviting retail environments.

Retail Applications

Below are a few products we recommend for each application within this market.

retail store lighting

Parking Lot

Alleviate parking lot anxiety through LED lighting technology that allows customers a well lit parking experience by reducing accidents and criminal activities.
car dealership parking lot lighting


Ensure your customers find you and remember your brand with exterior lighting solutions that utilize LED lighting technology. Consistent, luminous, and inviting LED lighting solutions improve customer awareness and also reduce energy costs.
retail lighting

Sales Floor

Set the right mood for your sales floor with Recessed LED Luminaires. These LED lighting solutions give clean consistent light that flatters product offerings while energizing your customers.
warehouse led lighting


Reduce incidents and promote productive organization in your storerooms and warehouses with bright filtered High Bay LED lighting solutions that reduce energy costs and protect the bottom line.
recessed led for retail store

Recessed Retrofit

Take your outdated light fixtures and update them with LED technology. Our Recessed Retrofit LED kit brings all the benefits of LED light like energy efficiency, consistent lighting profile, and optimal light color range to your business.
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