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    Backed by a 10-year limited warranty, XtraLight LED luminaires have the best warranty in the industry for a reason. Our LED lighting solutions can handle your warehouse needs while increasing illumination, safety, and energy efficiency. Improve the well-being and productivity of your warehouse staff with clean optimized light from XtraLight's modern LED technology.



    High Ceiling

    Warehouse safety and maintenance is heavily reliant on lighting quality and coverage. Our High Bay LED fixtures provide consistent light coverage, light quality and low maintenance along with energy savings.

    Low Ceiling

    Ensure your employees operate in a safe environment while saving costs with Low Bay LED luminaires. These lighting solutions give the most light coverage while reducing your energy consumption.

    Aisle Lighting

    Provide optimal light distribution for increased visibility between racks and readability of labels for your warehouse or storeroom staff with our Slim High Bay LED luminaire with aisle optics.


    Improve the quality of your warehouse exterior lighting without sacrificing aesthetic. Our LED Wall Pack luminaires come in a range of low profile designs to fit your building design while providing cost effective lighting.


    Improve your parking lot or garage with an aesthetically pleasing luminaire with impact resistant lens and glare-free, even light distribution. Our parking LED solutions offer energy saving and longer life rating than other light sources.

    High Impact Areas

    Ensure the safety of your warehouse with longer life rating, impact resistant cost effective LED luminaires. These lighting solutions provide a 10 year warranty, low energy costs and better light quality.

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