LED emergency exit lights are not only functional, but provide adequate, energy-efficient lighting at every exit point. Both the exit signage and lighting come together in one, easy-to-install unit. Universal mounting makes it easy to install anywhere. Our emergency exit lights are designed to be sturdy and fit in any space, whether it is a tight squeeze or a generous amount of room. A streamlined, contemporary look with a textured finish will blend in with any decor. At XtraLight, we offer both indoor and outdoor emergency lighting to meet all your emergency exit lighting needs.

LED emergency exit lighting offers long-lasting, energy-efficient, ultra-bright lamp heads for a clear path to any exit. Additionally, LED red or green exit signs clearly illuminate the exit points in each space. LED headlamps are adjustable for correct center-to-center spacing. An optional self-diagnostic feature performs monthly, bi-annual, or annual tests so that you meet safety codes and can guarantee reliable operation in an emergency. LED emergency exit lighting uses less energy and lasts longer than halogen or standard incandescent lighting that is easy to maintain.

At XtraLight, we stand behind our products, offering a warranty on all electronics and housing. Our top of the line emergency exit lights not only provide the best in safety features, but also save you money on energy costs each month. Call today for a free assessment to find out the benefits of LED lighting and how much you can save when you switch to LED lighting.

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