Food processing areas are demanding applications that require specific lighting solutions in order to meet the stringent requirements.  XtraLight carries a variety of LED lighting options that can support the food processing environment.  Our selection ranges from wash down LED high bay lights, to vapor tight LED high bay lights, to several different linear lights of various lengths, as well as LED low bay pendant mounts.  Our LED food processing lights are some of the best available on the market, and there is sure to be an LED lighting fixture to appeal to everyone.  Whatever specifications your facility requires, XtraLight can supply the right lighting fixture.  Food processing plants that require regular wash downs will benefit from the wash down LED high bay light.  It is not only easy to wash and clean but provides superior CRI, high lumen output, and improved energy efficiency.  Vapor tight linear LED lights are made to withstand weather and corrosion for use in cold, wet, or damp spaces.  These lights are completely versatile for multiple applications and come in multiple lengths (2’, 4’, or 8’) making them a great go-to lighting choice. VTH LED lights are reliable and durable for warehouses, freezers, and food processing areas as they are made to withstand wash downs and wet locations.  No matter what environment you need appropriate lighting for, our team at XtraLight can assist you in finding the perfect solution to meet your needs.

Not only can our qualified team members guarantee that you find the right light for your business, but they can also help you save money.  LED lights will last longer and are easier to clean and maintain than other light fixtures, meaning lights are changed less often. Our LED products also come with a 10 year, warranty and we offer quick turnaround times of 7 – 15 days.  Let XtraLight show you just how much money you can save when you install energy efficient LED lights with a free assessment.  The transition to LED lights will be quick, easy, and affordable. Contact one of our professionals to learn more about our LED lighting solutions.