LED industrial linear lights are built to withstand many conditions as they function great in cold, wet and damp spaces.  They are designed to be weather resistant and corrosion-free as no wiring or parts are exposed.  Because LED industrial linear lights are also easy to clean and maintain, they are a great lighting option for industrial facilities, wash down areas, parking garages, refrigeration spaces, or other commercial applications.  These LED’s are ideal for when accuracy is crucial in performing inspection tasks with high visibility. This durable and reliable lighting product comes in a variety of options to meet the demands of any area.  Styles and sizes range from slim strips to extended lights for high output or vapor tight sealed to protect from elements.

This type of high-performance lighting is energy efficient and cost effective.  Dimming drivers and occupancy sensors are available to customize the lighting in your space.  LED industrial linear lights offered by XtraLight are completely versatile, able to work with multiple applications and easy to clean and service.  Ease of maintenance, a variety of options, and cost efficiency are all great reasons to invest in top-notch lighting from XtraLight.

In addition to high-quality products, our team at XtraLight values customer satisfaction.  From initial purchase to installation and operation, LED lighting offers significant energy and maintenance savings. We have an extremely quick turnaround time of 7 – 15 days and all of our LED products come with a 10 year warranty. Contact our hard working team to learn more about our LED industrial linear lights.