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    LED low bay lighting fixtures are a great choice for spaces with high ceilings.  The large selection of low bay lighting options at XtraLight are a perfect solution for any building that requires indoor lighting in larger spaces such as warehouses, restaurants, retail stores, or hotels.  Because low bay fixtures must provide light to a bigger area, they deliver a high lumen output. In addition to being an efficient lighting option, LED low bay fixtures offer a variety of options for customizing the light fixture to a specific setting.  These  options include a dimming driver, multiple light distribution patterns, and shielding options that are all customizable for any application.  It’s not only the customizable features that set our LED low bay fixtures apart, but also the variety of colors, styles, and options that can be found when specifying XtraLight.  LED low bay lighting fixtures are versatile, durable, and functional lighting options to satisfy all long-term lighting needs. XtraLight even offers recessed LED high bay fixtures that are completely unique to anyone else on the market!

    LED low bay fixtures from XtraLight are contractor-friendly and makes installation an easy process. Reliable, long-lasting low bay fixtures from XtraLight can light your office or business efficiently to improve productivity and reduce overhead costs, making them a great investment. We stand behind our products, which is why they are backed with an industry leading 10 year warranty.

    Lighting experts at XtraLight make customer satisfaction a top priority, which is why our team is dedicated to saving you time and money with efficient, easy to install LED low bay lighting fixtures.  We offer a free lighting assessment and fast turnaround times of 7 – 15 days.   Contact us today to learn more about our LED lighting solutions.

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