XtraLight’s LED indoor retrofit kits can easily convert your existing lighting to LED lighting by simply using the existing fixtures. Lights may vary slightly by size, so be sure to note the specific sizes when ordering LED indoor retrofit kits. LED retrofit kits are ideal for classrooms, office spaces, retail stores, hospitality areas, or commercial buildings. Contact XtraLight for more about LED lighting that is right for your space.

Making the switch from fluorescent lighting fixtures to LED lighting fixtures not only gives your space a modern, brighter look, but it helps with energy efficiency. LED lighting is also designed to be long-lasting to ensure steady performance with minimal to no maintenance. At XtraLight, we are committed to providing better, long-lasting, energy-efficient lighting. Because we stand behind all our high-quality lighting products, our products are backed by a 10-year warranty. Customer service is the top priority at XtraLight. You are sure to love both the look and the cost savings of your new LED lighting fixtures. Call us today for a free assessment to find out more about how much you can really save when you switch to LED lighting.

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