LED tube retrofit kits are an essential part of converting legacy light fixtures into models with improved performance and efficiency. These LED tube retrofit kits will transform the fixture without completely compromising its appearance. When looking for an economical way to change out aging, non-energy efficient lighting fixtures into LED, the use of these LED tube retrofit kits is an easy to install option out in the field and will continue to provide consistent performance and repeat annual energy savings. Note: LED tubes are sold separately.

Convert existing lighting into energy efficient LED lighting with XtraLight’s LED indoor tube retrofit kits. Each retrofit kit converts older T8 standard fluorescent fixtures to high lumen LED lighting. These LED kits consume minimal amounts of energy while providing consistent fixture performance for long-term lighting. Some kits are recessed for cleaner, easier installation compared to other strip fixtures. This type of lighting is perfect for industrial, manufacturing, warehouse or commercial spaces. Not only is your lighting improved, but you will also see significant energy savings each month. The LED indoor tube retrofit kits include the Ballast Cover Kit, Regular Offset Retrofit Kit, Regular Recessed Retrofit Kit, Retrofit Strip Kit, Retrofit Troffer Kit, and Wrap Retrofit Kit.

XtraLight’s LED lights are designed and manufactured in Houston, Texas. Retrofit kits are an economical way to change out old, non-energy-efficient lighting fixtures. They will transform your fixture while maintaining a streamlined look. As compared to fluorescent fixtures, LED lights offer a considerable reduction in energy costs while giving off high-quality light. They are easy to clean and don’t require maintenance as often as fluorescent lighting. Our LED indoor tube retrofit kits are designed for quick and easy installation on-site.

If LED lighting is something you have considered but haven’t yet made the leap, call XtraLight specialists for a free lighting assessment. Our lighting assessment will show you just how much you can save with LED lighting fixtures. For quick and affordable change to efficient LED lighting, give the professionals at XtraLight a call today.