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    Elegant Style Meets Extraordinary Performance

    The Viento Family architectural outdoor LED lighting products from XtraLight set the stage for the next generation in illumination performance for exterior lighting applications like auto dealerships, parking lots, retail spaces, recreational areas, and business campuses. Masterfully engineered, Viento was designed specifically to leverage the optical and thermal characteristics unique to LED technology.

    Proprietary precision optics provide optimal flexibility for each specific application. The optics are sealed directly to the housing, eliminating the need for a secondary enclosure thus maximizing performance. Aesthetically, the sleek lines of the Viento form factor were styled to blend beautifully with the overall theme of any architectural plan, minimizing the size and weight of supporting structures. Inspired by the legendary designs of European sports cars, the Viento is both elegant and minimalistic with its approach.

    To view the full collection including options and details about optics, view and download the Viento catalog here:  Viento Family Brochure

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    A Family of Products with Timeless Presence

    The Viento family of products has a distinct selection of models and optics that precisely shape light on all levels. With every application, Viento gives you the creative freedom to transform any area with decorative architectural illumination. Not only will it perform incredibly in the evening, but it will look amazing during the day when inactive.

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