Protect Wildlife with our Wildlife Certified Lighting.  Over the course of our 35-year history in the lighting industry, XtraLight has had the opportunity to provide countless energy-efficient lighting solutions all over the world. For the past year, our engineers have been working hard to design light fixtures Wildlife Certified Lighting specifically for ecologically sensitive areas surrounding: sea turtle nesting beaches. Our Wildlife Friendly Lighting is designed for dark-sky friendly communities, migratory corridors, and many other bayou type eco-systems. Public awareness regarding our environmental footprint has increased dramatically across the last decade, and thanks to our friends over at the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission making a difference in sea turtle and other wildlife conservation is now possible.

Currently available in Red LED Lighting, soon to include an Amber option.

Applications Include: Sea turtle nesting beaches, Dark-Sky friendly communities, Migratory Corridors, Wildlife Conservations, Parks, Zoos, Highways, Interstates, and any other ecologically sensitive areas.

Our fixtures utilize best-in-class LEDs above the 560nm wavelength in both amber and red colors so that emitted light will not be visible to a variety of animal species. Regular light pollution can radically alter their nighttime environment by turning night into day and can pose a major threat to every level of an ecosystem. Predators can hunt undisturbed, and prey can hide normally. Newly born sea turtles will reach the ocean safely, and birds can migrate naturally.

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