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  • Architectural Dual Recessed LED Tunable White


    Change and adapt delivered light color easily with Xtralight’s Architectural Dual Recessed LED Tunable White. Control and customize the color temperature of lighting which can affect alertness and productivity at work and school.  High-tech and innovative,  including Tunable White options in your lighting selection will decrease the number of SKUs you will need in your lighting design while increasing student and employee performance. 

    The Architectural Dual Recessed LED Tunable White (ADR LED TW) is a unique energy-efficient LED replacement for a 2 lamp or 3 lamp T8 fluorescent recessed luminaire. The ADR LED utilizes patented, highly efficient LED technology in multiple lumen packages for a variety of lighting applications. The dual frosted diffusing lenses conceal the LEDs and provides a smooth, even illumination that minimizes glare.

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