NASA Undercarriage
Cart Inspection
LED Light


The Undercarriage Cart Inspection Light (CIL LED) was a custom product for use with NASA’s aircraft at Ellington Field.

Ellington Field in Houston, Texas is the heart of Johnson Space Center’s flying operations. The primary function for NASA at Ellington Field is the training of astronauts for future space flights. The field is also a base for administrative, cargo transport and high-altitude aircraft, with many types of NASA aircraft always at the hangers. The Undercarriage Cart Inspection Light was created for the maintenance and operations personnel who perform work with NASA’s aircraft on-site. For those who work on the aircraft on a daily basis, actually seeing the undercarriage of the planes would often be a problem that was remedied by small sources that provided inadequate light distribution. It’s imperative that maintenance crews be able to sufficiently inspect the undercarriages for any potential issues and ensure that all repairs are completed accurately. After being approached for a potential solution, XtraLight developed the CIL LED to help create a mobile light source that was durable, increased visibility and was overall energy-efficient. The CIL LED was very well received and is actively used for equipment servicing, aircraft repair and other service operations.

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Product Details

CIL LED Features

  • An energy-efficient, 100W undercarriage inspection LED light.
  • Mounted on a durable, highly mobile rolling cart with a 40 ft. cord factory installed.
  • Lighting source can be tilted 45° left or right of the cart.
  • Constructed out of .080 gauge aluminum, post-painted powder coated grey.
  • .100″ thick Bayer LC3 frosted polycarbonate lens.
  • Tested by an independent NVLAP® accredited laboratory for performance.