Circadian Intervention
LED Therapy Table


The Circadian Intervention Therapy Table (CIT LED) is a therapeutic table that provides light therapy treatment to patients that have Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia.

In collaboration with the University of Houston’s Industrial Design program, the CIT LED was directly developed from the studies of Mariana Figueiro Ph.D., the Director of Light and Health program at the Lighting Research Center at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Her studies revealed that artificial lighting had a significant impact on human health and well-being. The quantity, spectrum, timing, duration, and distribution of light had a profound effect on people’s sleep, alertness and performance. The circadian rhythm of the human body drives biological functions through a 24-hour day and artificial light (done properly) could be used to help synchronize one’s circadian rhythm for the better.

The CIT LED delivers specified uniformed lighting to a patient’s living environment and with smart light-control, it keeps the light in-sync with the 24-hour day circadian system. This helps provide the correct amount of circadian stimulus throughout the patient’s day to help improve sleep, reduce depression and agitation.

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Product Details

CIT LED Features

  • Adjustable and intelligent smart controls that sync with a facility’s WiFi for accurate time.
  • Designed in a neutral style to fit existing architecture of senior living facilities.
  • An easy “flip” design with safety latch solenoids make it easy to form an upright lighting position for use in other applications.
  • Aluminum heat sink and ventilation slots disperse heat produced by the LED panels.
  • Table designed with extruded aluminum components, cast plastic corners, diffused acrylic lens, and locking nylon caster wheels.
  • Best-in-class proprietary LEDs (mixed CCT).