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    LHB LED 140-200
    LHB LED 100 High Bay
    LHB LED 140 High Bay
    LHB LED 267 High Bay
    LHB LED 300 High Bay
    LHB LED 375 High Bay
    LHB LED 500 High Bay
    LHB LED 600 High Bay
    XtraLight LHB LED High Bay Hangar Application
    XtraLight LHB LED High Bay Manufacturing

    LED High Bay LHB


    The LED High Bay LHB LED family of high bays from XtraLight is the most recognized and utilized high bay in the market. With a proven track record of performance, the LHB LED platform continues to provide excellent illumination for industrial, manufacturing, and warehouse applications. The LED High Bay LHB offers multiple lumen packages that can substantially reduce energy and maintenance costs associated with legacy fluorescent or HID models. Aside from being easy to install in the field, the LHB LED offers multiple distribution patterns and shielding options that allow the luminaire to be easily customized for virtually any application. Backed with a 10-year warranty, the LHB LED is the perfect choice for lighting efficiency for years to come.


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