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    PowerGrove LED Canopy is the premier horticultural LED grow light that provides optimal lighting during all plant growth cycles and improves total crop yields.

    The PowerGrove LED Canopy maximizes your growth potential by utilizing high power output and light uniformity of two proprietary full and split LED spectrums. This LED Horticultural grow light offers a leading spectral mix that’s not only ideal for all stages of plant growth, but will also produce higher yields and cultivate superior plant quality. PowerGrove offers growers the unique advantage of year-round production with less operational costs. Designed for absolute scalability, the PowerGrove can be configured for anything from the large commercial grow-house to the horticulture hobbyist.

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    Key LED Benefits

    • Available in Full Spectrum (F) spectrum
    • Higher PAR per kilowatt-hour (up to 2.7 μmol/J)
    • Powerful LED horticultural luminaire with cutting edge customizable accessories
    • Excellent light uniformity and distribution
    • Significant energy reduction compared to HPS
    • Advanced thermal heat sinks for lower operating temperature

    PowerGrove Full Spectrum Lighting

    • Closest to natural sunlight
    • Increases saturation of light
    • High intensity at every wavelength of visible and non-visible light.
    • Meticulously optimized to perfectly match plants chlorophyll absorption peaks
    • Increased ATP synthesis within the plant’s mitochondria.
    • Tall Plants i.e.: cannabis, peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, etc.


    GrowFlux System:

    • GrowFlux Dimmer
    • GrowFlux CO2 Microclimate Sensor
    • GrowFlux Access Point

    GrowFlux Dimmer

    • Precision Scheduling for large scale installations
    • Controls up to 50 single driver fixtures or 25 dual-driver fixtures
    • IP66 water-resistant
    • High-performance wireless connectivity
    • CO2 Microclimate Sensor
      • Measures environmental conditions:
      • Carbon Dioxide
      • Relative Humidity
      • Atmospheric Pressure
      • Temperature
      • Generates high-resolution microclimate data
      • Software API access requires GrowFlux paid subscription

    Casambi System

    CASAMBI Bluetooth Dimmer:

    • Control PPF outputs
    • Controls 1 dual-driver fixture, or 2 single-driver fixtures.
    • Casambi enabled 2 channel 0-10V/DALI controller
    • Universal 100- 277 VAC input voltage range
    • Control one or two 0-10V controllable LED drivers
    • Casambi CBU-A2D


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