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  • Recessed Architectural Linear LED Tunable White


    The Recessed Architectural Linear LED Tunable White (RAL LED TW) is a stylish, recessed linear luminaire designed to provide the ambient lighting that is visually comfortable and without glare. Featuring construction that can be highly customized, the RAL LED provides flexibility for both new construction and retrofit applications. The Recessed Architectural Linear LED Tunable White offers your choice of hard or grid ceiling options and the unique capability to add return air slots. Its elegant, simplistic aesthetics accommodate office spaces, showrooms, retail spaces, and other areas requiring linear accent lighting. As is with all XtraLight LED luminaires, the RAL LED is “controls ready” to incorporate virtually any network controls and building automation.

    Change and adapt delivered light color easily with Xtralight’s Tunable White LED. Control and customize the color temperature of lighting which affects alertness and productivity at work and school.  High-tech and innovative,  including Tunable White options in your lighting selection will decrease the number of SKUs you will need in your lighting design while increasing student and employee performance. 

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