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    Round LED Area Light Retrofit Kit


    The SRK LED Round Retrofit Kit seamlessly transforms existing HID post-top luminaires into energy-efficient LED models without compromising the aesthetics of the original design. It’s designed to significantly reduce energy and maintenance costs compared to traditional HID models. The easy-to-install upgrade kit utilizes the existing fixture with little waste while resulting in a more consistent, modern look of today.


    • Reliable, energy-efficient operation.
    • Exceptional light quality with uniform illumination.
    • Customized for a variety of applications and easy-to-install.
    • XtraLight LED retrofit kits are covered by a factory warranty when a functioning sample luminaire is provided for photometric and thermal testing.

    Note: It is strongly recommended that XtraLight be involved in the quoting process as there are several factors that are to be determined when designing the SRK LED Round Retrofit Kit.

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    Specification Sheet(s)

    Because each kit is custom designed specifically for each unique application, please consult factory for more information about the SRK LED.

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