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  • Stairwell Radial Wrap LED Tunable White


    The Stairwell Radial Wrap LED Tunable White (LRW LED TW) is a modern, energy-efficient LED replacement for a typical 2 lamp T8 wrap. This modern surface-mounted luminaire is used for low profile applications, stairwells, corridors, and general illumination. The Stairwell Radial Wrap Tunable White LED offers a multi-dimming, ultrasonic occupancy sensor option that allows staircases to be illuminated at full output only when needed and switch to a user-selected standby option when unoccupied. Multiple options for time delay allow users to adjust settings to meet local codes and regulations. The LRW LED TW is also “controls ready”, capable of working with virtually any network controls or building automation.

    Change and adapt delivered light color easily with Xtralight’s Tunable White LED. Control and customize the color temperature of lighting which affects alertness and productivity at work and school.  High-tech and innovative,  including Tunable White options in your lighting selection will decrease the number of SKUs you will need in your lighting design while increasing student and employee performance. 

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