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  • SAS LED - Square Body - Silver FinishSAS LED - Round Body - Silver FinishSAS LED | Slim Architectural Strip Office ApplicationSAS LED | Slim Architectural Strip Retail Application
    XtraLight-Slim-Architectural-Strip-SAS LED
    SAS LED - Square Body - Silver Finish
    SAS LED - Round Body - Silver Finish
    SAS LED | Slim Architectural Strip Office Application
    SAS LED | Slim Architectural Strip Retail Application

    Slim Architectural Strip Tunable White LED


    Change and adapt delivered light color easily with Xtralight’s Tunable White LED. Control and customize the color temperature of lighting which affects alertness and productivity at work and school.  High-tech and innovative,  including Tunable White options in your lighting selection will decrease the number of SKUs you will need in your lighting design while increasing student and employee performance. 

    The Slim Architectural Strip (SAS LED) is a specification-grade LED strip that’s ideal for offices, conference rooms, retail and hospitality applications.

    The SAS LED offers a sleek, aesthetically-pleasing appearance without compromising illumination. It has a small profile body, only 2.6″ high and has no visible hardware or mounting holes. Available in 2, 4 or 8-foot models, this new luminaire has a variety of lumen packages ranging from 1500L (9 Watts) to 14,000L (106W) and offers a precision-edged acrylic round or square lens. To keep a consistent look with existing architecture, it’s available in matte white, matte black or silver finishes. Additionally, a symmetric, triple wave, or brushed metal diffusing lens insert can provide an even more elegant look. Like many of our products, the SAS is “controls ready” to work with virtually any network controls or building automation.

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