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  • Conference Room with Vesica 8 ft.Lobby Waiting Room with Vesica 4 ft.Open Office with Vesica 4 ft.
    Vesica Direct Indirect Suspended
    Conference Room with Vesica 8 ft.
    Lobby Waiting Room with Vesica 4 ft.
    Open Office with Vesica 4 ft.

    Vesica Tunable White LED


    Change and adapt delivered light color easily with Xtralight’s Tunable White LED. Control and customize the color temperature of lighting which could affect alertness and productivity at work and school.  High-tech and innovative,  including Tunable White options in your lighting selection will decrease the number of SKUs you will need in your lighting design while increasing student and employee performance. 

    The Vesica Indirect/Direct LED (VES LED) is a specification-grade LED linear luminaire that’s ideal for offices, conference rooms, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and commercial applications.

    Inspired by the ancient geometrical shape, the Vesica (VES LED) embodies a level of sophistication and elegance that easily compliments your personal style. The Vesica is more than just light. This distinctively contoured luminaire can stand alone as an extraordinary lighting statement piece or will integrate naturally into any existing room architecture. From the customized light distributions to the multiple color finishes, the Vesica is engineered to be an expression of you. Boldly unique. The low-profile body, only 3 inches high, is offered in 4 ft. or 8 ft. models as well as continuous rows. It’s available lumen packages range from 4,000L to 20,000L with significant efficacies to match.


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