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  • UVC Hybrid Direct LED Troffer


    This Hybrid UV-C / LED troffer comes in two different styles: Direct and Indirect.  Designed to disinfect while the space is unoccupied, this troffer also illuminates with LEDs during active hours.  Equipped with a PIR and ultrasonic sensor, this troffer saves you from needing two separate fixtures. A perfect solution for new construction and renovating projects.

    Imagine no longer having to worry about harmful bacteria and viruses invading your home or workspace.  XtraLight’s UVC High Power Ultraviolet Hybrid LED Troffer combats the spread of pathogens and microorganisms by inactivating them.  The UV-C High Power Ultraviolet Hyrbid Troffer is perfect for many applications both public and private and it quickly eradicates germs on multiple surfaces.

    Follow 6 steps for an effective disinfection process. Click Here.  We explain the calculations with links to our Log Reduction Chart.  Viruses, Bacteria, Fungi, and Protozoa are all included in the list.  Not even Black Mold can resist the disinfecting power of UV-C!!  To learn more about Ultraviolet wavelengths with links to what the experts are saying Click Here




    Click Here for UVC FAQ

    UVC High Power Ultraviolet Hybrid

    • Single troffer fixture that delivers both UV-C disinfection and
      white LED light with comfortable, low glare illumination
    • UV-C lamps are activated by occupancy sensors while room is
      vacant. LED’s are illuminated during occupancy
    • Vega®uv-c high-reflective material by Almeco is designed to
      accelerate the sanitizing power of UVC wavelengths
    • Uses one or two quartz glass germicidal UVC lamps (254 nm
      wavelengths) with ceramic caps with easy lamp replacement
    • Antimicrobial white polyester powder coat post painted
    • Secure wire guard for lamp protection
    • LED’s are covered with a smooth frosted polycarbonate lens
    • Toolless access to plenum


    • Medical Facilities
    • Schools
    • Daycare Facilities
    • Gyms
    • Spas/Salons
    • Furniture
    • Beds
    • Kitchens
    • Retails/Office Space
    • Equipment and other devices
    • Healthcare and Hospitals


    • 2’x4′
    • 2’x2′


    • 254 nm wavelength
    • Irradiance (on center): Starting at .065 mJ/cm2
    • Produces no ozone or other secondary contaminants


    • Voltage: 120V AC input
    • LED Driver: 24VDC Class 2, constant current, electronic power
      supply factory calibrated to LED modules.
    • 120V with 0-10V dimming as standard on LEDs
    • Best In Class LEDs: 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K, CCT (min 80
    • Occupancy sensor lighting control with both PIR and ultrasonic
      sensors up to 1000 sq ft


    • Housing is 22 gauge white matte steel
    • LED source is direct with impact-resistant, frosted polycarbonate lens
    • End caps riveted to housing for strength and rigidity
    • Driver  & UVC ballast are accessible from plenum
    • Roll form body to provide volumetric appearance
    • Single switch or dual switch wiring available. Dual switch is for UV-C with independent control.


    • Recessed troffer flange kit available, ordered separately         (consult factory)
    • Occupancy sensor lighting control with both PIR and ultrasonic sensors up to 1000 sq ft
    • Optional wire guard over UVC lamps
    • Tamper proof screws option available (consult factory)

    Lamp Replacement

    • For optimum results, replace UVC lamps after 9,000 hours or one year of operation
    • Contact factory for lamp replacement and pricing


    • Unit backed by XtraLight’s UV Warranty 

    Tested by  American Testing & Assessment Laboratories www.ata-labs.comATAL tested

    Carrying Case and Safety Information

    WARNING: To guard against damage observe basic safety precautions including Wear protective gear when operating including goggles, gloves, and face shields. Read and follow all instructions, warnings, and safety notices instructions. Do not expose eyes and skin to direct or reflected UVC rays as they are harmful.

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