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  • Viento Area Site LED Small Luminaire Wildlife Lighting

    VNT LED Small WildlifeViento Area & Site LED Light

    Masterfully engineered, the new Viento Area Site LED Small Luminaire Wildlife Lighting was designed specifically to leverage environmental blending characteristics unique to LED technology. Integrating revolutionary amber LED’s, and a targeted spectrum at 625nm, it provides optimal flexibility for any application. The optics are sealed directly to the housing, eliminating the need for a secondary enclosure. Aesthetically, the sleek and clean lines of the form factor were styled to blend beautifully with the overall theme of any architectural plan, minimizing the size and weight of supporting structures. Inspired by the legendary designs of European sports cars, the Viento is both elegant and minimalistic with its approach. With many facilities running 24/7, owners are always looking for new opportunities to minimize operating costs across the board. The Viento Large Wildlife light excels at combining product performance and significant energy and maintenance savings over the life of the product. A perfect combination that maximizes anyone’s bottom line.


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